Apprenticeship Success: Zoe Pierce

Zoe Pierce (center) with Zeller Construction owners Chris Schaber and Jamie Tayler Zeller.

Apprenticeship Illinois highlighted our very own customer, Zoe Pierce, as their Apprenticeship Success Story of the month. From the April 2023 Apprenticeship Illinois newsletter:

“With a new degree and job, Zoe Pierce’s experience demonstrates the power of Registered Apprenticeships. Man-Tra-Con’s Construction Craft Laborer program provided the support Pierce needed to develop a wide range of skills and competencies. As a result, Pierce (pictured with Zeller Construction owners Chris Schaber, left, and Jamie Tayler Zeller, right) recently began an exciting new position as a Project Manager at Zeller Construction, where she oversees Procore.

She graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Construction Management in December 2022 while serving in the Honor Society and president of the Construction Management Club. Pierce plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fall 2023 while continuing with Zeller Construction.”

Congratulations Zoe… We are so proud of you!

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