Zachary Hurley


Career Specialist Amy Blocker reports on her customer. “In April 2021, Zachary came to Man-Tra-Con seeking job search assistance. He had become unemployed due to the recession and the pandemic. Zachary is a single parent to his 11-year-old son, Jack. In the past, Zachary suffered from social anxiety which has set him back at times. He has since moved forward and is a very positive person now,” Amy explains.

“We placed him into the Work Experience Program (WEP) in January 2022, where he was working in a Security position for the Oasis Mall in Marion, Illinois, earning $12.00 per hour. Zachary has gone above and beyond in this role. He loves his job and Oasis Outdoors loves him as well. When his Work Experience ends on July 29, 2022, Oasis Outdoors plans to hire Zachary for a full-time Security position through the OJT program. At this time, Zachary will also receive a promotion and a raise,” Amy adds.

“Zachary has come a long way and has done so well. He started off not knowing if this would be a success for him, but he pushed forward and has done great. He has not only flourished at his new job, but his family life with his son Jack has improved as well. Jack is now making straight A’s in school. They love spending time together and are now finding more time to do that,” Amy reports.

“I am very proud of Zachary. He has worked so hard to make his life better for himself and his son. He has, and it truly shows,” Amy adds.

Zachary is thankful for the WIOA services he has received from Man-Tra-Con. “I am so very grateful for Man-Tra-Con, they have done so much for me and set me on a great career path,” Zachary says.