Leeann Garrison


Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer. “Leeann, one of two parents in a family of four, had not been able to obtain full-time, self-sufficient employment when she visited Man-Tra-Con for assistance in December 2016. Leeann decided to focus full-time on her studies, and wanted to enroll in the Associate Degree Nursing program at Rend Lake College in Ina, Illinois. She was eligible to receive a Pell Grant, but needed additional assistance to help pay for tuition; school fees; textbooks; required school supplies, uniforms, shoes; and testing fees. She also needed assistance with mileage reimbursement for traveling to and from school and clinical sites, as well as childcare reimbursement for her one-year-old daughter,” Michelle explains.

“In January 2017, Leeann began the Associate Degree Nursing program at Rend Lake College. By May 2018, Leeann had successfully completed the program and received her Registered Nurse license. Leeann was very happy with her decision to pursue a career in nursing, and expressed a great deal of gratitude for the program that helped her achieve her goals. Today, Leeann works full-time for Mt. Vernon Health Care Center as a registered nurse earning $22.00 per hour — and she loves her job,” Michelle exclaims!

Leeann appreciated the services she received from Man-Tra-Con and WIOA funding, “This program helps a lot of people. Thank you for helping me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.”