Michael Adkins


Career Specialist Shaun Drue reports on her customer. “Michael was laid off from Rowe Pest Control in February 2022. He immediately began to plan for his future. As a single parent raising 2 small children, Michael considered the cost of gas, the cost of returning to school, and quickly realized he needed some assistance,” Shaun explains. 

“In March 2022, Michael visited Man-Tra-Con Corporation to apply for truck driver training assistance. Michael said he had been watching and listening when he heard the call — truck drivers needed,” Shaun says.

“Michael was determined eligible for WIOA funding assistance as an adult worker. According to Illinois state employment statistics, truck driving was considered a high-demand occupation. On March 21, 2022, Michael began his CDL training at Shawnee Community College. WIOA funds covered the cost of his tuition, and provided extra help with transportation costs, taking the financial worry away,” Shaun explains.

“An excellent student, Michael stood out at Shawnee Community College. As a result, he was asked by the college to speak on their behalf to a local news station. On May 4, 2022, Michael spoke about being a truck driver student with a goal,” Shaun says.

“Michael completed his truck driver training and received his CDL certificate in May 2022,” Shaun reports. “He started the job search program while still working his externship at the college. His goal was to find a local position to be close to his children. He stayed in constant contact with me, and followed through on applying for job leads that were provided, plus sharing the leads he had found on his own,” Shaun explains.

“Michael had a few more hurdles to overcome. He set up child care through Child Care Resource & Referral, and had found a center to care for his children. During his job search, he had to deal with his child care facility shutting down, then, looking for and finding another facility. We had already discussed a backup plan — his parents. They are his support team,” Shaun says. 

“On June 20, 2022, Southern Illinois Motor Xpress, Inc. in Joppa, Illinois hired Michael for a Truck Driver position, where he will earn $1,000 per week. He was given a local route that has him back at home every evening to be with his children. He was also given transportation assistance for gas to help him get to and from his job for the first week of training,” Shaun reports.

Michael will officially graduate from Shawnee Community College on June 29, 2022,” Shaun adds.

Michael has this to say about the services he received, “I had wonderful consistent service. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen that my agent was on me about everything as bad as my wife — if I had a wife—so, she was my work wife,” Michael said with a smile.