Brianna Linsley


Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer. “Brianna had been working part-time at Franklin County Hospital and part-time as a server at Applebee’s when she came to us seeking assistance in December 2016. She wanted to find full-time, permanent, self-sufficient employment, but was waiting to be accepted into the Associate Degree Nursing program at Rend Lake College. Brianna had completed enough credits to earn both an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree. Although she had earned two degrees, she was still unable to find full-time employment,” Michelle explains.

“Brianna had enrolled in the ADN program in August 2016, but she needed assistance to continue with the program. Brianna was determined eligible to receive WIOA services because she was a member of a family receiving SNAP benefits. Beginning with the spring 2017 semester, WIOA training assistance helped Brianna pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other supportive costs like mileage reimbursement. As a result, she was able to finish her program and obtain full-time employment,” Michelle adds.

“In May 2018, Brianna completed her program and earned a nursing degree. One month later, she tested and passed her exam to become a registered nurse. Today, Brianna works as registered nurse for Herrin Hospital and she loves her job! She is currently earning $21.68 per hour —two times more than what she was paid at her previous jobs,” Michelle reports.