Caitlin Needham


Career Specialist Tyler Hinds reports on his customer. “Caitlin was homeschooled by her adoptive parents and came to Man-Tra-Con seeking assistance with earning her GED. Caitlin had been working at McDonalds before seeking our services. When she saw her hours drastically reduced due to the pandemic, she decided to apply for training assistance,” Tyler explains.

“In December 2020, Caitlin began working toward her GED at John A. Logan College, and received her certificate in June of 2020,” Tyler says.

“In my time working with her, I saw that she consistently made strides to complete the GED program despite some setbacks. She achieved her goal and now wants to pursue a career in social work. She would like to help others like her,” Tyler adds.

“Caitlin is currently in the process of enrolling in the Associate of Arts in Social Work program at Rend Lake College. She will start in the fall of 2022 and hopes to graduate in 2024,” Tyler reports.

“Caitlin has worked through setbacks to achieve her goal and now wants to help others. That’s inspiring,” Tyler adds.

“I am very happy with all of the help I received,” Caitlin says.