Jennifer Bastien


Career Specialist Kari Ellet reports on her customer. “Jennifer was already enrolled in the CMA program at John A. Logan College when she came to Man-Tra-Con for training assistance in January 2022. Through WIOA funding, Man-Tra-Con was able to help pay for her tuition, books, supplies, exam fees, and transportation costs,” Kari explains.

“I also helped Jennifer with creating a resume, offering suggestions and tips on interviewing, social media, and other helpful advice,” Kari adds.

“While in school, Jennifer had been doing her externship at Heartland Express Care. Even before her graduation, Heartland offered Jennifer a CMA position. She began full-time employment on May 14, 2022, where she is currently earning $16.00 per hour,” Kari says.

“I never had to worry about getting in contact with Jennifer. She was great at communicating and worked hard to complete the things I always needed from her,” Kari says.

Jennifer was so happy with the assistance she received from Kari and Man-Tra-Con. “Thank you! You’re such a blessing… I’m so excited for graduation,” Jennifer exclaims!

Jennifer graduated from the CMA program, passed her board exams, and received her final certification in June 2022,” Kari says.