Deb Keelin,

Business Services


On-the-Job Training

You Hire, You Train… We PAY!

Thinking about hiring a new employee? We just made it more affordable. We have funds to help you train new employees.

  • Quick turnaround
  • Limited paperwork
  • Money in your pocket

Why OJT?

  • We’ll help you find eligible candidates for your open positions.
  • We’ll reimburse you for the costs associated with training your new employee, which are usually calculated at up to half the pay rate for the agreed-upon training period.

What is OJT?

  • Hands on training that YOU design
  • A payment to offset training costs
  • An opportunity to train employees YOUR way
  • An investment in YOUR company

How does it work?

Find out if your company is eligible for On-the-Job Training…

Interested in hiring an employee through the OJT program?


For more information, contact Business Services Administrator Debra Keelin at 618-998-0970, ext. 224, or via email at .

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