Nataly Gomez


Nataly had been working at Shawnee Health as a professional medical interpreter when she first learned about the apprenticeship program. Nataly had always wanted to work toward a career in the medical field. She applied and began her apprenticeship as a medical assistant with Shawnee Health in March 2022.

“I chose to pursue a career in Medical Assistant because it would give me the opportunity to work with people and care for their health. Medical assisting is a great way to learn new skills, work with people directly, and also learn the administrative portion of health care,” Nataly explains.

Nataly was happy to participate in the program. She was able to learn new skills while getting paid and working with seasoned professionals.

“I was able to learn my skills while working as a medical assistant, and, Shawnee has been great with providing apprentices with any help or practice they may need with their skills. This apprenticeship is done next to many experienced medical assistants that help provide guidance and knowledge for all these new skills,” Nataly adds.

Nataly offers advice to anyone considering participating in the Apprenticeship Program.

“Take advantage of this great opportunity! It’s a great program for people who are wanting a job in the medical field and also, costs will be covered by the health care facility. This specific program is completely online so it is beneficial for those who have a busy schedule. You will work next to other medical assistants that will help you in your journey. It is also not a very long program so your new skills will be put to practice in no time,” Nataly says.