Tanzania Hodges


Christina Abbott reports on her customer. “Tanzania and I first met at Man-Tra-Con in September 2015, to discuss her training options. She had been working two part-time jobs yet still struggling to make ends meet. Tanzania had been working at Brehm Preparatory School as an Assistant Dorm Parent, and also at Manor Court as a Nurse Assistant,” Christina explains.

“Tanzania’s goal had always been to complete the nursing program at John A. Logan College (JALC), but financially, she didn’t know how she would be able to afford it. She was tired of being on food stamps and living ‘pay check to pay check.’ Tanzania realized she needed a change and enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program at JALC, with the goal of eventually completing the Registered Nursing (RN) program,” Christina adds.

In spring 2017, Tanzania graduated with an Associate degree in Nursing and then obtained her license. She began working full-time in June 2017, at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Indiana, earning $23.00 per hour,” Christina reports.