Denise Davis


Career Specialist Dana Marlow reports on her customer. “Denise came to see me in December 2013. She had been accepted into the part-time (PT) Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program at John A. Logan College that was to begin January 2014. At the time, she had been working 20 hours per week as a CNA earning $9.25 per hour. Denise was also raising 2 small children on her own,” Dana explains.

“Denise completed the PT LPN program without any problems to report. She had tested for the ADN program and was put on a waiting list. They did not contact her with a start date, so Denise took it upon herself to just attend the ADN classes in the fall, even though she had not officially been accepted. As she sat it out for a few days at the beginning of the semester, instructors finally told her someone had dropped out and she was officially offered a spot in the program. In October 2015, Denise took the LPN board exams and passed,” Dana exclaims!

“Denise continued working, going to school and raising her children. In the final semester of the PT ADN program, Denise got pregnant yet continued working and going to school. In May 2017, Denise graduated from the program, and had her baby boy in July. She applied to take State Boards in late August and finally, in September 2017, Denise learned she had PASSED the ADN Boards,” Dana added.

“Denise is currently employed at Manor Court (Liberty Village) in Carbondale, as a Registered Nurse in the Skilled Care department where she assists patients with daily needs, administering medicine as patients require. Denise is earning $24.00 per hour and working 35 hours per week. She is very happy to be working and earning a self-sufficient income to support her family,” Dana reports.