WIOA Training helps Amanda find a new career as a Registered Nurse.

Career Specialist Dana Marlow reports on her customer. “In October 2018, Amanda came to Man-Tra-Con Corporation seeking training assistance. She needed our help with getting her GED. While working toward her GED at John A. Logan College, she also enrolled in our Work Experience Program (WEP),” Dana explains.

WIOA training assistance helps Michael land his dream job as a CDL truck driver.

Career Specialist Shaun Drue reports on her customer. “Michael was laid off from Rowe Pest Control in February 2022. He immediately began to plan for his future. As a single parent raising 2 small children, Michael considered the cost of gas, the cost of returning to school, and quickly realized he needed some assistance,” Shaun explains. 

WIOA services help Caitlin obtain a GED and pursue a career in social work.

Career Specialist Tyler Hinds reports on his customer. “Caitlin was homeschooled by her adoptive parents and came to Man-Tra-Con seeking assistance with earning her GED. Caitlin had been working at McDonalds before seeking our services. When she saw her hours drastically reduced due to the pandemic, she decided to apply for training assistance,” Tyler explains.