Career Specialist Madyson Senior reports on her customer. “In March 2024, Josiah, a United States Army Veteran, needed help with job search and creating a resume when he applied for assistance at Man-Tra-Con. He had been searching for a job on his own for about 6 months without any success,” Madyson explains.

“We made an appointment to sit down and build a really strong resume. During our appointment, we discussed jobs that Josiah had liked or disliked from the past, so that I could recommend jobs that matched his interests. We talked about his skills, and also went over several interview tips,” Madyson reports.

“I emailed Josiah the resume we had created so that he could use it for online applications. After our initial appointments, I would send Josiah weekly job listings for positions that were available in his county,” Madyson adds.

“Our work together helped Josiah find employment. In June 2024, Wal-Mart hired Josiah for a full-time Overnight Stock Associate position paying $16.50 per hour,” Madyson says.

“Recently, I reached out to Josiah to ask how his new job was going. He said that he is doing great and really enjoys working at Wal-Mart,” Madyson adds.

Josiah was thankful for the job search assistance he received. “Man-Tra-Con did an amazing job helping me find a job. Honestly, the people are very, very, nice and helpful. My career specialist was with me every step of the way to make sure that I met my goals and had the assistance that I needed. Their employees will do everything within their power to help you get a job. I would like to thank everyone from Man-Tra-Con for helping me find a job when I had so little hope that I ever would,” Josiah says.