Re-integration Coordinator Robert Angle reports on his customer. “In January 2023, Shane became a Man-Tra-Con customer while incarcerated and participating in the Murphysboro Life Skills Re-Entry program. He had been selected to enroll in the Mobile Accelerated Welding training program offered by First Institute Training & Management, Inc. The training was provided at the Murphysboro facility through a mobile welding lab and on-site classroom instruction,” Robert explains.

“Man-Tra-Con had previously partnered with First Institute through the NYU Pathways Home Grant to provide workforce development services to participants in the welding training program—assisting them as they transitioned back into the community,” Robert adds.

“In February 2023, Shane successfully completed his training and received a welding certificate from the American Welding Society. I worked with Shane on developing his resume, and we began sending it to local employers as he got closer to his release date,” Robert says.

“In early July 2023, he was released and we were able to secure Shane an interview for a work experience program (WEP) placement with Crucial MRO as soon as he got home. After the interview, Crucial offered Shane a position as an Aircraft Fabricator. His WEP placement began on July 18, 2023,” Robert reports.

“Over the course of the WEP placement, Crucial sent very positive reports on his job performance, which echoed Shane’s feedback of how much he enjoyed the position with the company,” Robert adds.

“In addition to Shane’s WEP participation, he was also co-enrolled to receive assistance from JTED grant funding. Through funding provided by these programs, Man-Tra-Con was able to purchase the tools Shane needed to perform his job duties at Crucial,” Robert explains.

“Shane successfully completed his WEP placement in mid-November 2023, and was immediately hired on as a full-time employee with Crucial,” Robert adds.

“Shane was nothing but appreciative for the assistance Man-Tra-Con provided in helping him get back into the workforce after being incarcerated. During our last conversation, Shane asked, ‘Could I recommend Man-Tra-Con services to others as well? I am so thankful for all the help that you all have provided with helping me get my life back on track,’” Robert reports.