Brittany Long


Career Specialist Michelle Sanchez reports on her customer, “Brittany was a single parent who was not earning a self-sufficient wage when she visited Man-Tra-Con for assistance. She decided that she needed an education beyond a high school diploma to achieve her career goals. In August 2015, she enrolled in the Associate Degree program in Nursing at Rend Lake College (RLC). However, Brittany was in need of WIOA assistance to complete the program. With her current income, she was eligible for WIOA services: financial assistance that covered costs for college tuition, fees, books, plus other supportive services — reimbursements for child care, transportation, and testing fees.”

“While enrolled with Man-Tra-Con, Brittany earned 50 credits toward her degree and was able to finish her program. She also obtained her professional nursing license and began working as a registered nurse,” Michelle added.

“Brittany had worked mostly in retail before entering the healthcare field but quickly learned that it was perfect for her. She’s excited to be able to serve even more patients with her new skills. Today, Brittany earns twice as much while completing basic nursing duties she learned in school and during her clinical sessions,” Michelle reports.