Apply NOW to receive financial assistance for your business during the Covid-19 crisis!

Grant funds are to be used specifically to mitigate layoffs and help businesses adhere to “social distancing” provisions established by state and federal public health entities. Allowable activities for use of the grant funds include the following:

  • Payment for cleaning and sanitization services
  • Purchase of computer software and hardware for remote working
  • Costs for remote access supplies associated with call center or remote work environments
  • Training costs associated with redirecting and reassigning existing employees on business needs
  • Production of essential goods and services needed to address COVID-19

NOTE: Funding is available on a “first come, first served” basis until all available funds have been utilized, so apply ASAP!


For additional information and to apply, contact Debra Keelin via email at , or call (618) 998-0970, Ext. 224.