Career Specialist Tamblyn Everett reports on her customer. “In January 2022, when Isabella came to Man-Tra-Con Corporation for assistance, she was determined eligible for WIOA Youth Services. Isabella had dropped out of high school; was basic skills deficient; and lived with her mother, brother, and father, who was a disabled veteran receiving food stamps,” Tamblyn explains. 

“Isabella had limited work experience when entering the program and hoped to one day become an international flight attendant. She maintained the same job at Cracker Barrell while receiving Man-Tra-Con services. I addition, Isabella recently gained her 4th star since working at Cracker Barrell,” Tamblyn adds.

“On May 9, 2022, Isabella graduated with her GED, and completed her FASFA form to continue her college education. At the time she received her FASFA, she also discovered that she was eligible to receive free college tuition assitance, due to her dad being a disabled veteran,” Tamblyn explains. 

“Isabella is currently in the process of deciding what program she wants to enroll in at college, but plans on enrolling for her generals at John A. Logan College, either in the Fall 2022, or Spring 2023 semester.

“I had Isabella for a very short amount of time, but the one time I was able to talk to Isabella in person, she was very put together and outgoing. After meeting with her in person, I felt that becoming a national flight attendant made so much sense for her,” Tamblyn says.