Career Specialist Sherry DeAngelo reports on her customer. “When Tracy began working with Man-Tra-Con in April 2017, she had been unemployed for seven months. Tracy was not eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Tracy needed to upgrade her skills before she would be able to find and maintain long-term employment,” Sherry explains.

“Tracy had previously worked in a dental office, a medical insurance office and with a temp service. She had basic skills but many of those skills, including customer service and computer skills, needed an upgrade. Tracy and I worked together to develop a strong resume and cover letter, plus we practiced mock interviews. I also worked with her throughout her Work Experience Program (WEP) and On-the-Job-Training (OJT) positions.

In October 2017, Tracy was placed in a WEP clerical position at Magnum Steel Works in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and successfully completed the program three months later. A few weeks prior to completion, Magnum Steel Works contacted Man-Tra-Con stating that they would like to expand her position. They were interested in hiring Tracy permanently, but the position would be upgraded to Administrative Assistant, requiring Tracy to receive more training in office skills. After completing the WEP, Tracy began an OJT position at Magnum Steel Works for the Administrative Assistant position and completed her training in April 2018,” Sherry adds.

“Tracy is currently employed at Magnum Steel Works as an Administrative Assistant, earning $12.00 per hour, and performing clerical duties that include working on a computer, bookkeeping, answering phones, and handling customer service requests,” Sherry reports.

Tracy has this to say about her new career at Magnum Steel Works, “I absolutely love my job and am so thankful to have this job. I have learned a lot since coming here and enjoy the work.”