Career Specialist Diane Payne reports on her customer. “In October 2018, Lisa came to Man-Tra-Con seeking job search assistance. Unemployed for 3 years, she had been receiving SNAP benefits and was given a medical card from the Department of Human Services. Her primary work experience had been in office settings and as a bookkeeper for an accounting firm. Lisa said from the beginning that she wanted to find a job that would allow her to be up and moving around during the workday. She specifically wanted to transition to a position in the manufacturing industry,” Diane explains.

“Man-Tra-Con Corporation helped Lisa identify transferable skills that would apply well to a career in manufacturing—such as, an awareness of safety regulations, the ability to multi-task, troubleshoot, and maintain equipment. I helped Lisa prepare a resume that highlighted these skills. We also did mock job interviews—to practice talking about why she wanted to transition to the manufacturing industry,” Diane adds.

Lisa had this to say about the services she received, “Man-Tra-Con helped me identify my qualifications for the manufacturing industry and present them effectively to prospective employers.”

“In July 2019, Lisa began full-time employment as a Production Worker for Continental Tire in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, earning $13.30 per hour,” Diane reports.

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